The Credential Finder is a tool for exploring all of the information published to the Credential Registry.

What's the value of a credential?

What does this degree mean you can do? Can this certification provide credit toward a degree? How does a badge from this online academy compare with a certification in the same field? Can I get this certification while pursuing a degree? What does this license allow you to do? How can I be assured that this is a high-quality credential that can be trusted?

When credentials are unique and difficult to compare, they lose much of their value to job seekers and employers. Credential Finder provides comparable information on all types of credentials to help align credentials with the needs of students, job seekers, workers, and employers.

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Credential Finder Provides Access to Information You Can Use

Credentials can act as the critical connection that both job seekers and employers need to identify real knowledge and skills, and match them with appropriate opportunities.

Credential Finder allows users to see what various credentials represent in terms of competencies, connections with other credentials, assessment rigor, third-party approval status, and much more. The goals are transparency and clarity, and to help align credentials with the needs of students, job seekers, workers, and employers.

Quality Is Important

Students, job-seekers, and employers often want assurances that credentials can be trusted to meet the quality requirements of employers, professions, government, and others.

Quality assurance (QA) is a process often carried out by independent third parties to verify that those issuing credentials meet specific guidelines, criteria, standards, and/or regulations.

With Credential Finder, you can see whether QA entities provide assurances about credentials, credentialing organizations or both and compare information from QA bodies about who they are, what assurances they provide, and how they perform their work.

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1/6: Job Seekers

Knowing what you want isn't the problem

You want to advance your career or change it completely, to finally go after that college degree or certification.

Making it happen is where things start to get tricky.

This is why we built Credential Finder - a tool that helps you find out what credentials you need, to take you where you want to go.

2/6: Young Adults and Career Changers

Find the right job

Connect to credentials that will get you where you want to go, how best to obtain them, and how to maximize the value of your skills and knowledge.

3/6: Students

Find the right education

Find credentials you can use, and learn what jobs a credential will actually qualify you for.

4/6: Employers

Hire the right people

Find credentials that best meet your hiring requirements and address your most critical skill requirements.

Learn what skills a particular credential represents and how much you can trust credential holders have these skills.

5/6: Education, Training, and Credentialing Organizations

Be Found

Communicate the distinct features, quality, value, and effectiveness of the credentials you award and be found by the growing numbers of students, parents and career counselors who will use this search tool to identify credentials and programs of interest.

6/6: Government Agencies

Serve your community

Provide clear information by which credentials and education and training providers meet your quality requirements and are eligible for government financial assistance for students, job-seekers, veterans and others.

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